воскресенье, 22 января 2012 г.

Gray assimetric sweater

Well here it is. During last to days i did 100 rows of my new project. I knit it in circle in order to have a totaly seamless sweater, therefore in fact I have half front and half back knitted.
In general I don’t like some things:
1. Ribbing 1x1 I did on 3mm needles and the body of sweater I knit with 4mm needles. But ribbing do not look like it has been done with 3mm needles and the stitches looks bigger than the stitches on the body.  I don’t like it how it looks like. 
2. The body seems to me  is a  bit short and wants some more knitted rows.  I did calculations which are based on the gauge that I did from yarn that I’m using for the project. The gauge measurement are 22 st x 28 rows. The body (from ribbing till yoke) is 33 cm = 90 rows. 33 cm can be obtained only with extreme stretching up and down. Maybe while measuring the gauge I ‘ve extrimly streched it? Interesting thing i haven’t done any gauge for ribbing and it is exactly 4 cm without stretching, just like i wanted.
I hope that blocking will resolve this problem.
Knitting is very interesting thing. Never know what you gonna get in result Широкая улыбка

пятница, 20 января 2012 г.